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Shannon Bream Pushes Back After ABC News’ Terry Moran Says He ‘Felt No Threat’ at SCOTUS Protests

”You should support other journalists not question them,“ channel meteorologist Janice Dean says

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream pushed back on Wednesday after ABC News correspondent Terry Moran suggested that she might be being less than truthful in her description of “volatile” crowds outside the Supreme Court on Monday night that forced her to move her broadcast into a studio.

“I’m genuinely glad you felt safe. It was a rowdy night out there,” she said. “We had to make a last minute call about moving the show, and did so out of an abundance of caution.”

“I felt no threat,” Moran wrote Tuesday, noting that he continued broadcasting about President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh from the plaza outside the Supreme Court building until 11 p.m.

“The protests were raucous; chants, posters and bullhorns on both sides. But I found it very democratic, all-American,” he said. “I saw pro-choice and pro-life demonstrators arguing — passionately but civilly.”

Moran came in for some heat from Bream’s Fox News colleagues, who chided him for questioning the personal account of a fellow journalist — and a woman who felt threatened.

“Why is Terry Moran questioning — implicitly or explicitly — whether a woman, or anyone for that matter, felt safe enough to stay?” Fox News colleague Laura Ingraham asked on Twitter in response to Moran’s pushback.

“Hi @TerryMoran congratulations on feeling safe the other night. Just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to someone else,” said network meteorologist Janice Dean. “@ShannonBream is one of the most honest people I know. You should support other journalists not question them.”

Fox News online commentator Stephen Miller noted that some protesters screamed that she was a “blonde bimbo” on Monday night. “You mean you weren’t harassed and called a blonde bimbo? Weird,” he wrote.

Bream told TheWrap on Tuesday that a number of the protesters had specifically targeted her because of her affiliation with Fox News.

“There were people who were screaming at us and were clearly not Fox fans,” she said. “A small group of people who were yelling and getting in our faces, were saying things that were anti-Fox.”

Bream said at least one man in a mask had invaded her camera space refused to leave and that the usual barriers placed outside by Supreme Court police were not present.

Reps for ABC News and Fox News declined to comment.