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James Corden’s ‘Shaqnado’ Is Somehow Worse Than ‘Sharknado’ (Video)

”Late Late Show“ host saves the world by playing Hack-a-Shaq with Victoria Beckham

You guys know how “Sharknado” is terrible, right? Well, allow us to introduce James Corden’s “Shaqnado,” which is somehow even worse than the goofy Syfy TV-movie franchise.

On Wednesday’s “Late Late Show,” Corden and Victoria Beckham teamed up to save the world from a tornado filled with Shaquille O’Neals. There is only way to stop such a storm in its path of destruction: “Make it shoot a free throw,” the CBS personality tells his Spice Girl guest.

Of course that’s the solution.

Ready for the tagline? “Looks like the Shaq has hit the fan,” Corden delivers in a particularly melodramatic moment.

Watch the video above, and definitely don’t set your DVRs.