‘Shark Tank’ Star Daymond John Seeks Gag Order Against Former Contestants

The filing stems from a dispute between the FUBU founder and CEO and restauranteurs he invested with

Daymond John (Getty Images)
Daymond John (Getty Images)

Daymond John wants a temporary restraining order to silence three former “Shark Tank” contestants who claim the celebrity investor tried to take control of their business. 

The owners of Bubba Q’s Boneless Baby Back Ribs, Al “Bubba” Baker, Baker’s wife Sabrina and their daughter Brittani claim John and some of his business associates tried to take advantage of their family business by blocking them from potentially lucrative business partnerships and ultimately attempting to gain control of the restaurant, per an investigation by the Los Angeles Times. 

The family appeared on Season 5 of “Shark Tank.” John has since moved to file for a temporary restraining order to stop the the family from publicly sharing details about the matter. Rastelli Foods Group, a meat manufacturer that produces the meat the restaurant uses for its ribs, Rastelli is also seeking a restraining order against the Bakers, saying the family made “false” and “defamatory” statements about the company.

In the L.A. Time’s investigation, the family called their experience after “Shark Tank” a “nightmare” and questioned their business arrangement with John and Rastelli Foods Group.

While on the show, John agreed to put up a $300,000 investment for 30% of Bubba Q’s, but the family says off-air John mended the agreement to a $100,000 investment for 35% ownership. They also claim John disregarded their complaints about a former “Shark Tank” contestant John tapped to build Bubba Q’s website, and claim John wouldn’t fill him in on the financial details of the business, saying they only  received 4% of Bubba Q’s revenue of $16 million. 

In a statement sent to L.A. Times, John’s spokesperson said they’ve given the Bakers several chances to “correct their violations.”

“This temporary restraining order is due to the Bakers’ blatant actions to undermine a business partnership and the legal parameters they agreed to 4 years ago. Their belief that they can unwind poor business decisions through slanderous social media posts and articles will no longer be tolerated.”

John also took to TikTok and accused the Bakers of violating a confidentiality agreement. The Bakers maintain that they are in their right to speak about the issue. 

“It is our belief that Rastelli Foods and Daymond John have breached the settlement agreement by excluding Al from participation and collaboration regarding the product,” the family said in letters sent to the a  New Jersey judge. “We have reason to suspect fraudulent and illegal activities in the accounting practices between Rastelli Foods and Daymond John. We have reached out to governmental agencies to investigate this matter, as we believe it is in the best interest of the public.”