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‘Shark Tank’s’ Barbara Corcoran Dismisses ‘Glass Ceiling’ for Women on ‘The View’ (Video)

“I think that’s a fallacy promulgated out there. Nobody is putting women down,” Corcoran says

Businesswoman and “Shark Tank” co-host Barbara Corcoran dismissed the idea that men try to keep women down in the workplace during an appearance on “The View” on Tuesday.

“I think that’s a fallacy promulgated out there,” Corcoran said. “Nobody is putting women down … The women I know that have been in corporate America that made it to a certain rank, they opt out more than anything because they have good judgment. They think ‘Is this worth it?’ No. ‘Is the politics worth it?’ No. ‘Do I want to spend more time raising my family and being a good parent?’ Yes.’ They make a quality-of-life judgment. I think that’s more of it than anything else, than guys putting girls down.”

Corcoran went on to say that men don’t have to make such choices because “they’re too stupid to make a quality-of-life judgment.”

Fellow “Shark Tank” co-host Mark Cuban was also on the panel and disagreed with Corcoran’s assessment. “I put off getting married. I had a fiance when I was 28 and it got to the point where it was like ‘me or your business’ because I was starting a company, and I walked away,” he said.

“I made a choice that I had certain goals and it wasn’t about having a family at that point in time,” he continued. “We all make decisions and you have to live with it. Probably more than half of the entrepreneurs I’ve invested in on ‘Shark Tank’ are women. They’re good.”

But “The View” co-host Joy Behar wasn’t happy with that explanation. “But the women make life decisions that prevent them from throwing themselves into their careers, and then they suffer from ageism when they come back to work,” she said. “You say women are easier to work with. Where are they?”

“On ‘Shark Tank,'” WHoopi Goldberg responded. “Because they’re entrepreneurs, which is probably the greatest thing that has happened because of all of this. Women have said, ‘Listen, I’m not waiting for you to tell me what I can do. I’m going to do this. This is my idea. I want to do it.'”