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Sharon Osbourne Reveals New Details on ‘The Osbournes’ TV Return

”It’s a catch-up on our lives and where we are now,“ reality TV matriarch says

Get ready for the dulcet tones of Ozzy Osbourne semi-coherently bellowing “Sharon!” on your TV again.

The reality series “The Osbournes,” which followed the Black Sabbath singer and his brood and ran on MTV from 2002 to 2005, is returning to the air, according to Sharon Osbourne, who spilled some details about the reboot on Tuesday’s edition of the CBS yakker “The Talk.”

“It’s not as much coming back as [it is] a proper series as an update,” Osbourne said on the show. “At most there will be only six to eight episodes and it’s a catch-up on our lives and where we are now, because it’s been so long [since] we’ve been seen as a family, and our family has grown.”

Osbourne also said that the reboot was Ozzy’s idea, as he wanted to have another go at the series after dealing with his substance abuse issues.

“It was all my husband’s doing, because he looked back on his life and he said, ‘I wish we could have done ‘The Osbournes’ now when I’m clean and sober,'” Osbourne noted.

It’s unclear where the rebooted “Osbournes” will air, as a spokesman for MTV told TheWrap on Tuesday that the network has “no plans” to revisit the show.

“There are no plans for the series to return to MTV,” the spokesman said.

While we wait for that mystery to be cleared up, watch Osbourne talk about the “Osbournes” revival below.