Sheen Exiting Rehab; Back on ‘Men’ Next Week

Production is expected to resume after Sheen heads to Colorado to face domestic abuse charges

Last Updated: March 10, 2010 @ 10:02 AM

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Charlie Sheen is checking out of pre-hab, with production on "Two and a Half Men" expected to resume next week.

Sheen’s publicist confirmed Tuesday that Sheen is in the process of exiting treatment, without giving a specific date for his departure. Sheen will be in Colorado Monday, however, to face the Christmas Day domestic abuse allegations against him. And if all goes as planned, the actor will be back on the "Men" set next Tuesday, March 16, to begin rehearsals for the next episode of the show.

Filming of the episode will likely take place Friday, March 19. Other cast members could be on set as early as Monday, if the show sticks to the usual five-day production schedule.

Warner Bros. and CBS aren’t commenting on Sheen’s status, no doubt wanting to respect his privacy. It also seems logical for the network and studio to hold off on any statements or confirmations until production actually starts up again.

On February 23, Sheen’s camp announced the star was checking into rehab "as a preventative measure" (ergo the hot new buzz phrase "pre-hab"). Warner Bros. TV shut down production on "Men" temporarily rather than try to film around Sheen.

If production resumes next week, Warners and CBS should have no problem producing the roughly half-dozen of this season’s remaining episodes of "Men," though summer hiatus may be pushed back a bit.