Fox News’ Shepard Smith Stumping For ‘True Blood’ Cameo

The news channel's Studio B host is a big fan of the HBO show

Shepard Smith loves "True Blood" — and has the digressions away from his news copy to prove it. But could it lead to a Shepard Smith "True Blood" cameo? He sure hopes so, as he told "Studio B" viewers on Tuesday.

Smith has found ways to work "True Blood" into his show — he turned a roundtable about Lance Armstrong's doping charges into a discussion of the show's fictional drug "V" last year and compared the then-unnamed royal baby to Sheriff Balfour's fairy daughters, who didn't get named until the sixth episode of this season, last week.

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Smith celebrated "True Blood" star Evan Rachel Wood's new baby on Tuesday by sharing his not-so-secret desire to make a cameo on the show: "I really want to be on that show. I feel like I can play a reporter in there, like, a cameo next year."

Correspondent Jonathan Hunt pointed out that if Charlie Rose can be on "Breaking Bad," then Smith can certainly roll into Bon Temps.

Smith did have a few reservations, however: "Sookie's very annoying, though," Smith said. "She's so annoying, I don't know how much time I can spend there."