The Shield Reunites at WWE’s ‘Survivor Series’ (Video)

Trio powerbombs A.J. Styles through an(other) announce table

The Shield
WWE's The Shield

The Shield is back at it again — at least, for one match.

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose reunited to powerbomb A.J. Styles through an announce table Sunday during a pretty epic “Survivor Series” match.

If that doesn’t make much sense to you, good eye. On Sunday, Ambrose and Styles were technically teammates, representing Team “SmackDown Live” versus “Raw” in a traditional “Survivor Series” elimination match. Regardless, the two Team Blue rivals got into it during the contest, which led to an Ambrose elimination pretty early on. The so-called Lunatic Fringe would return to help his two old friends from “Monday Night Raw” put Styles through some furniture.

Watch the video:

Even with the intrasquad squabbling, “SmackDown” would win the five-on-five fight. The matchup featured plenty of high-flying action, like this badass Shane McMahon elbow drop delivered through Braun Strowman and another announce table.

Plus, check out this insane Randy Orton RKO “outta nowhere”: