ShortList Festival Jurors’ Advice to Aspiring Filmmakers: Find Your Voice and Collaborators | Video

The current pandemic and racial reckoning have created unique opportunities to research and reach out

The panel of jurors on this year’s ShortList Film Festival finalists offered aspiring filmmakers some timely advice, especially amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and racial reckoning in America.

“We tend to look outside; ‘I like this, I want to copy that.’ That’s okay to you have your references and the things you like,” said Gabriel Osorio, a Chilean filmmaker whose 2014 short “Bear Story” won both the ShortList and the Academy Award. “It’s really important to look inside. What is really important to you, to your life, to your family? What really moves you? That’s the way to find a theme or message that you’ll be really attached to … that’s something that shows in the shorts we have in this selection. All the creators are attached to the message they are trying to tell. We as creators have to look inside of us.”

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Lawrence Yee

Lawrence Yee has been deputy editor at TheWrap since 2019. He was previously editor in chief at FANDOM and deputy editor at Variety. Twitter: @lawryee