ShortList 2019 Filmmakers Share Their Biggest Challenges and Inspirations (Video)

”It’s letting it all happen and then solving each problem,“ says ”One Cambodian Family Please for My Pleasure“ director A.M. Lukas

Challenges are plentiful when making a short film, says A.M. Lukas, whose short “One Cambodian Family Please for My Pleasure” was selected as a finalist at TheWrap’s 2019 ShortList Film Festival. What matters is how you handle those challenges — a lesson she learned first-hand.

“I had $80,000 and then I lost it; I had Emily Mortimer, and I was about to get on the plane to Fargo, and then we lost Emily; and then we got Emily back. So it was just completely insane every step of the way,” Lukas said in a panel with other ShortList filmmakers in August at the W Hotel Hollywood. You can watch a video clip above of the conversation moderated by TheWrap’s awards editor Steve Pond.

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Margeaux Sippell

TV Reporter • • @margeauxsippell