Should Anthony Weiner Step Down as a Candidate for Mayor of New York City?

Guest blog: What kind of mayor could a practicing sex addict make?

“I will not leave him because I love him and we have a child,” Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, said in a press conference. If she were being honest she would say she was not leaving Weiner because she wants to be the wife of the mayor of New York City.

Abedin, a political animal and trophy wife, is following Hillary Clinton’s playbook about how to get your cheating husband into a powerful office, just like Hillary stood by Bill during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Also Abedin works for Hillary. This is well oiled politics at its finest.

Bottom line, who cares what Abedin believes? At issue is what kind of mayor could a practicing sex addict make? What kind of honesty would the city of New York be faced with if a dishonest, tricky, narcissistic addict were to be its mayor.

He was devious enough to have the name Carlos Danger as an alias during his sexting and phone-sex bouts. Now the press has found Sydney Leathers, the young woman who was the recipient of Weiner’s lust. She wants money for her story, CNN reports with negative innuendo — while it, too, wants to make money off of her story. Smear the girl before she can say, “My name is…” if she will not play cricket with CNN.

But after reviewing Weiner’s politics, I wonder if the Democrats are not losing a good candidate. Weiner was the only member of Congress who had the guts to call the Republicans on what they were doing. When Republicans are caught in sex scandals, they stay. Look at Rep. Mark Sanford, who lied by saying he was hiking the Appalachian Trail when he was in the throes of an affair in Argentina. Or David Zitter, who paid a prostitute yet remained in the Senate.

When all the scandal clears the political air, is Weiner a good candidate? Supporters say he would be the best candidate were it not for his addiction. What to do with your vote?

This scandal will pass, and perhaps it is good that Weiner, despite the New York Times urging him to step down, does not creep to the exit but stand tall and say, “Yes, I am a recovering sex addict, and I’m running for mayor of New York City because I am the best candidate.”

After all, aren’t most politicians corrupt in one way or another? If any city could have a mayor who is a sex addict, it is New York City. (The only other city, of course, is L.A.)