Shyamalan Taps ‘Last Exorcism’ Director for ‘Reincarnate’

Production on second film in “The Night Chronicles” starts in 2011

“Devil” doesn’t hit theaters until this Friday, but Media Rights Capital (MRC) and M. Night Shyamalan are preparing a follow-up to the thriller.

Shyamalan won’t step behind the camera for this one either, but he will produce “Reincarnate" (formerly called "Twelve Strangers"), which is going to be the second installment of a three film series called “The Night Chronicles.”

The "Sixth Sense" director has tapped the man responsible for this August's breakout hit "The Last Exorcism" to handle the thrills and chills on this one. 

The supernatural thriller will be directed by "Exorcism" helmer Daniel Stamm. It was written by Chris Sparling (Buried) and Paul Grellong.

Production will begin in 2011.

“Reincarnate” centers on a jury as they deliberate the fate of an accused murderer. While they weigh their decision they are haunted by supernatural forces, according to the studio’s press release.

“The Night Chronicles” is a financing and production company in partnership with Media Rights Capital and Shyamalan, with an original commitment to produce one film per year over a three-year span. Each film in “The Night Chronicles” is based solely on original stories created by Shyamalan, who oversees all elements of development and production.