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Sienna Miller Says That Everyone ‘Can See Their Family’ in ‘American Woman’ (Video)

TIFF 2018: ”When you scratch at the surface of a family, everybody’s got the crazy aunt,“ Miller tells TheWrap

Sienna Miller and Christina Hendricks don’t look much alike, but they play perfect sisters in Jake Scott’s family drama “American Woman.”

Miller says the bond she developed with Hendricks and the rest of the “American Woman” cast translated into a relatable, family portrait on screen.

“I think everybody who watches this film can see their family in it,” Miller told TheWrap’s Steve Pond at TIFF. “When you scratch at the surface of a family, everybody’s got the crazy aunt. We’re all so connected in many ways in that sense. It’s a beautiful look at a woman growing up and a beautiful look at family and relationships. We have this incredible cast, and I buy every part of us being this family.”

Miller says this is true despite the bleak nature of the story and how her character breaks from the nuclear family tradition. She plays a 32-year-old woman who is now already a grandmother. She had a daughter when she was only 16, and now her own daughter has a 2-year-old son. But when her own daughter goes missing, she’s thrust into maturing and caring for a child all over again.

“She’s reliving the teenage years she’s lost by becoming a parent so young,” Miller said.  “It, for me, felt like a character study of a woman becoming or emerging as the woman she aspires to be. ”

Aaron Paul and Will Sasso co-star in “American Woman” along with Miller and Hendricks. Watch the interview with the entire cast above.