We've Got Hollywood Covered

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Hey all, the launch event for TheWrap happens this Wednesday evening at the Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles.

You might be one of the lucky people who attends!

We are going to choose three new members of TheWrap community to come to this VIP event for Hollywood insiders.

The evening will include not only meeting our editors and writers, but a photo exhibit of rare and never-seen "intimate Hollywood" images by the world-renowned photographer Neal Preston.

We will also be hosting a panel talking about the future of the entertainment industry, and the transformation of Hollywood into the 2.0 incarnation. On the panel will be Marc Shmuger, the chairman of Universal Pictures, and Jeff Dossett,  the svp of Yahoo’s U.S. Audience Group, responsible for editorial content and programming.

So if you have already signed up to TheWrap, you are on the list. If you haven’t, you have another two days to sign up. The winners will be notified on Wednesday morning.

And – keep those tips coming! Happy President’s Day to all.