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‘Silicon Valley’ Star Zach Woods Teases Season 3: Power Struggles, Robotic Beasts (Video)

Hit comedy returns to HBO on Sunday

“Silicon Valley” returns for its third season this Sunday, but, unfortunately, we won’t be seeing a rematch between Jared and the self-driving car.

“Spoiler alert, no self-driving cars this season, but equally formidable opponents,” star Zach Woods, who plays Donald, also known as Jared, also known as O.J., told TheWrap. “In the first episode, there’s like a robotic beast that Erlich gets in a fight with.”

Woods teased what we can expect this season after Richard (Thomas Middleditch) was “unceremoniously” removed from his CEO position at his company, Pied Piper, at the end of last season.

“Season 3 sort of follows his attempt to claw himself back and take control of his own company,” Woods said, adding jokingly, “There is going to be a lot of ‘Game of Thrones ‘crossover in the first episode. There’s a scene where I walk naked and everyone yells, ‘Shame! Shame!'”

“Silicon Valley” fans love Woods’ character, and many can recall his awkward encounters with women in Season 2, when he was trying to hire a female coder and infamously said, “We want to hire the best people — who happen to be women, regardless of whether or not they are women. That part is irrelevant.”

The episode titled “The Lady” was a direct response to criticism that the HBO comedy series has faced regarding the low number of women in its cast.

“Women are grossly underrepresented in the actual world of Silicon Valley,” said Woods. “There’s a shot in the show where the camera pans over the crowd at TechCrunch, which is a big tech conference, and a friend of one of the show creators called him up and said, ‘You know, that shot was ridiculous, there were no women in that shot, how do you account for that?’ And he was like, ‘That was real footage from the real TechCrunch, we didn’t set up that shot.'”

Woods also starred in the film “Other People,” which premiered at Sundance. There, many people walked out of a screening because of a sex scene between him and Jesse Plemons.

I was so perplexed when I heard people walked out,” he added. “It may be that just the sight of my nude torso was so jarring to people that they just needed to go home and have a long quiet think about the scene. Maybe some people are uncomfortable with gay sex or something? … Maybe people are a little homophobic or they didn’t like it. … Or maybe they were overwhelmed with desire at the sight of us nude that they had to leave. … Now that I think about it, it was probably that.”

Season 3 of “Silicon Valley,” which also stars T.J. Miller, Martin Starr and Kumail Nanjiani, will premiere on HBO on Sunday at 10 p.m. ET, following the highly anticipated premiere of “Game of Thrones.”