Bart Simpson Elects to Mock Karl Rove With Blackboard Skit (Video)

Animated hellion Bart Simpson pokes fun at Karl Rove's election-night meltdown in title sequence

Even Bart Simpson is getting some laughs at Karl Rove's expense.

The opening blackboard skit for Sunday night's episode of Fox's animated hit "The Simpsons" took a pointed jab at Republican strategist Karl Rove, who insisted at length on Fox News during election night coverage last week that the network had prematurely called Ohio — and thus the national election — for President Barack Obama. (Spoiler alert for those who are a little behind on the news — Obama won Ohio, and the election.)

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During Sunday night's blackboard gag on "The Simpsons" — which typically finds Bart Simpson reflecting on topics of the day — the animated rapscallion repeatedly scrawled," I Will Not Concede the Election Till Karl Rove Gives Me Permission" on the blackboard as part of his weekly punishment.

Of course, the show's varied characters are bipartisan in their political outlooks — prior to the election, the series' resident nuclear-energy tycoon Montgomery Burns made his case for electing Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Watch Bart Simpson chalk one up for humor  in the video.