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‘The Simpsons’ Channel ‘Frozen’ for Holiday Episode’s Couch Gag (Video)

Casting Homer as Olaf on the Fox Christmas special is pretty much a no-brainer

The couch gag for this year’s “Simpsons” Christmas special on Fox contains what the creators called an “obligatory ‘Frozen’ reference” in the opening credits.

After the typical snowy “Simpsons” opening to the coming holiday episode, “I Won’t Be Home for Christmas,” the rest of the family — minus Homer — meet Lisa atop of their couch on a frozen pond. When Bart pelts his sister with a snowball, Lisa does her best Elsa, conjuring up a massive ice castle and pinning her mischievous brother high in the sky.

Next, enter Homer as “Frozen” favorite, Olaf. The family patriarch takes a bite out of his own carrot nose, before remembering that he hates vegetables.

The “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas” episode airs Dec. 7 on Fox.

Watch the video: