Sinclair Broadcasting Hires Trump White House Alum as New ‘Executive Political Producer’

“Kaelan is one of D.C’s most promising young talents, bringing a ton of energy and unique perspective,” says Sinclair political guru Boris Epshteyn

Kaelan Dorr

Sinclair Broadcasting has hired Kaelan Dorr as the company’s new “executive political producer,” who will work alongside the channel’s political guru Boris Epshteyn and his “must run” segment for the channel’s local stations: “Bottom Line With Boris.”

Dorr is a veteran of the Trump administration, first working on the 2016 campaign and then serving in the White House as director of congressional communications for over a year.

“I’m proud to announce I’ve joined Sinclair Broadcast Group as Executive Political Producer!,” said Dorr in a tweet Tuesday, adding that he was “eager to bring my unique experience as a campaign veteran and Trump WH alum to an already stellar group.”

“Kaelan is one of D.C’s most promising young talents, bringing a ton of energy and unique perspective,” Epshteyn said in his own tweeted announcement.

Epshteyn himself is also a veteran of many GOP campaigns including President Trump’s. The Dorr hire signals Sinclair chief David Smith’s desire to mine talent (and perhaps curry favor) from the current administration.

Epshteyn and his political opinion operation within Sinclair came to wide public attention after Deadspin published a lengthy exposé on his segments and other “must run” commentary that Sinclair forced their local station anchors to read in March.

Despite coming in for wide criticism, Epshteyn shot back, in a “Bottom Line With Boris” segment defending his work as clearly marked commentary, as opposed to mainstream media which he said veils opinions as news.

“In term of my analysis playing during your local news, as you see my segments are very clearly marked as commentary,” he said last month. “The same cannot be said for cable and broadcast news hosts who inject their opinions and bias into news coverage all the time, without drawing any lines between them.”