Sinclair Political Analyst Defends ‘Must Run’ Commentaries on Local Stations, Bashes Rivals (Video)

“As you see my segments are very clearly marked as commentary,” says Boris Epshteyn

Boris Epshteyn, a former Trump campaign staffer and current senior political analyst for Sinclair Broadcast Group, struck back on Wednesday in the latest installment of his segment “Bottom Line With Boris.”

Epshteyn’s commentary is a “must-run” segment on Sinclair-owned local news stations around the country.

“In term of my analysis playing during your local news, as you see my segments are very clearly marked as commentary,” said Epshteyn. “The same cannot be said for cable and broadcast news hosts who inject their opinions and bias into news coverage all the time, without drawing any lines between them.”

“I’m in the analysis, opinion and commentary business,” Epshteyn insisted.

“Some critics would have you believe that my experience somehow disqualifies me from providing you with my analysis and commentary, but here’s a question: Wouldn’t you want someone talking to you about politics only if he had actually worked in politics and knew the people he was talking about?”

Epshteyn, a longtime fixture in Republican politics, has been prominent in recent years for his work on the Trump campaign and later in the White House.

Epshteyn’s commentary broadly repeated many of the same themes of an anti-media script Sinclair has forced its news anchors to read on-air. Those talking points, which came to wide attention thanks to this viral mashup from Deadspin, are not marked as commentary.

Watch above.