The Situation: ‘”Jersey Shore” Best Series Ever’

Mike Sorrentino is predicting bigger ratings for MTV reality show’s second season

Last Updated: February 22, 2010 @ 5:50 PM

You have to hand it to “The Situation,” the dude doesn’t hurt for confidence.

The muscle shirt-clad star of the hit MTV reality show "Jersey Shore," also known as Mike Sorrentino, is predicting big things for the show’s sophomore season.

"Season one was the best reality show in history. Season two may be the best series ever,” Sorrentino told Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune.

The fitness center manager – and former exotic dancer – maintains the ratings will only improve once the show’s cast abandons their time share in Seaside Heights and decamps for sunnier climes in Miami Beach, Florida.

Sorry "Shore" fans, when it comes to one major plot point, the romantic prospects of Ronnie and Sammi, Sorrentino is in the dark.

"I think they broke up — I have no clue," the reality star told Arroyave.

Oh well, guess audiences will have to wait until next summer when the second season debuts to find out.