‘Skyfall’ Teaser Trailer: Shoot James Bond From the Train (Video)

James Bond goes flying off the rails, literally, in snippet from newest 007 film

Rail travel has become increasingly less convenient in recent decades. Especially for James Bond.

A teaser-trailer for the 23rd James Bond film "Skyfall" has been released a day ahead of the full trailer's release on Tuesday, and it appears that 007 has his will have a bit of trouble on his hands.

The 18-second clip depicts Bond (as portrayed by Daniel Craig) engaged in a hair-raising fistight with a bad guy atop a train (watch out for that low tunnel!), as a sniper trains her rifle scope on the British agent. As the teaser comes to an end, the shooter takes her shot, sending Bond flying from the roof of the train.

That's bound to leave anyone shaken and stirred.

"Skyfall" hits theaters on Nov. 9.

As we all wait for the full trailer to pull into the station on Tuesday,  check out the teaser below.