WWE ‘SmackDown Live’ Women’s Champ Becky Lynch Out of ‘Survivor Series’ Match vs Ronda Rousey Due to Injury

“Irish Lass Kicker” suffered a “broken face” — WWE’s words — from Nia Jax punch on Monday’s “Raw”


“SmackDown Live” Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is out of her upcoming “Survivor Series” match versus Ronda Rousey due to injury.

Lynch sustained a “broken face and a severe concussion” while competing in the women’s brawl at the end of Monday night’s “Raw,” per WWE. Specifically, the injury came courtesy of a Nia Jax strike.

Lynch and fellow “SmackDown Live” wrestlers (storyline) invaded rival series “Monday Night Raw” last night as part of an angle setting up Sunday’s show vs. show pay-per-view event.

Below, see Lynch’s tweets from earlier Tuesday, regarding the match. At the time, it seemed she was still in for her showdown with Rousey.

Here is how Lynch’s face looks now, after about 22 hours of recovery:

Lynch will be replaced by Charlotte Flair in the match against Rousey, which is a strong consolation contest. The loss of Lynch is still unfortunate here, however: While “Raw” Women’s Champion Rousey is the bigger mainstream name thanks to her UFC career, WWE fans have been very vocally behind Lynch’s push as of late.

Lynch’s “The Marine 6: Close Quarters,” which co-stars fellow “SmackDown” Superstar The Miz and WWE legend Shawn Michaels, came out on Blu-ray, DVD and streaming platforms today.

“SmackDown Live” airs Tuesday nights from 8 to 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. “Raw” runs from 8-11 on Monday evenings. “Survivor Series 2018” will stream Sunday night on WWE Network, starting with a one-hour pre-show at 7/6c.