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Smash Mouth Singer Goes Berserk When Crowd Throws Bread Onstage: ‘I’m Gonna Beat Your Ass’ (Video)

Steve Harwell threatened to go out into the food festival crowd and confront perpetrators

Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell had a fit during the band’s performance at Taste of Fort Collins on Sunday when audience members threw bread onstage.

The family-friendly food festival in Fort Collins, Colorado, featured vendors who gave away free loaves of bread.

A number of concertgoers threw pieces of bread around the crowd and onstage at the rock group.

Harwell proceeded to yell at the crowd for a few minutes, threatening to go out and assault the people throwing bread at him and the crew. His enraged meltdown reads:

You throw one more piece of shit on fucking stage, I’m gonna come find your ass, I’m gonna beat your ass, whoever the fuck you are out there. You wanna be a badass? Come up here. Come on. Come be a badass up here. Come on! Come onstage! Come onstage, badass! Come on! Come onstage! You bring your ass onstage, whoever’s throwing shit at me! I’ma tell you right now, I will beat the fuck out of you. OK? You’re a pussy punk bitch. OK? You’re ruining the show for thousands of people right now. Because I’m going to walk offstage, and guess what? You’re paying for it, motherfucker. OK? Come on, somebody throw one more thing at me right now! I’m gonna find you. If you’re a man and you throw something at me right now, I’m gonna walk out there, and I’m gonna beat the fucking shit out of you. You little pussy bitches. Little pussy bitches.

In the video, the singer is seen starting to make his way down before being held back by a security guard. The rest of the band continued to play “All Star,” all the while.

Watch the full video.

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