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Snapchat Creators Can Now Make Their Follower Counts Visible

Kylie Jenner is now the most-followed person on Snapchat, with 36.4 million subscribers

Snapchat will now let users share their follower counts to the public, a feature that users have asked for since the app launched nine years ago.

The new feature was first spotted by Houston-based social media consultant Mike Metzler, who noted on Twitter that Kylie Jenner appears to be the most-followed celebrity on the platform, with roughly 36.4 million subscribers — that’s more than YouTube star David Dobrik and music producer D.J. Khaled combined.

To share their follower count, the Snapchat user needs to be registered as a creator, which is either a business account with a public profile or a high-profile person making content on the app. Typically these are celebrities — alongside Jenner, there’s TikTok star and dancer Charli D’Amelio (who reports 13.7 million followers) and President Donald Trump, who has 1.9 million followers on Snapchat.

Snapchat revamped public profiles in September and added a bio section, content highlights, and snap Lens usage highlights. Creator profiles can be managed by more than one individual, in the case of, say, Trump, who’s likely having his re-election committee help run his social media.

Snap said in a statement to TubeFilter that it decided to add the follower tracking figure after creators continued to request it.

“We’ve listened to feedback from our creator community and many of them expressed interest in having the option to show that their community on Snapchat is growing,” a Snap spokesperson told Tubefilter. “So, starting today, we are giving creators the option to make subscriber counts visible on their public profiles.”

Snap added that the feature doesn’t need to be on all the time — so if a celebrity ends up taking a hit in the subscriber department, they can opt to hide the decline. “We understand not every creator wants to have public metrics visible to their fans… therefore, creators can choose to toggle this metric on and off as needed in their settings,” Snap clarified.