Snapchat Files For Restraining Order Against Angry Co-Founder

The company has accused Brown of leaking confidential information and videos to the press

Snapchat has filed for a restraining order against Reggie Brown, the start-up’s ousted co-founder who claims Snapchat owes him millions dollars.

The Venice, Calif.-based company accused Brown and his legal team of leaking confidential information to the press, citing videos of deposition that landed on Business Insider.

Brown’s legal counsel admitted it leaked Business Insider the videos, but claimed it had the right to do so.

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Snapchat is angry because “these materials include, among other things, Snapchat’s highly confidential financial and investment information, current and future business plans, and personal, private communications of both the parties and third parties, which are entitled to privacy protections under the California Constitution.”

In other words, they leave Snapchat vulnerable.

“The requested relief is necessary to prevent great or irreparable injury to Snapchat,” the request for a temporary restraining order states.

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Brown is suing Snapchat, an app for sending temporary videos and photos, claiming that he invented the idea of disappearing messages.

Snapchat, now valued in the billions of dollars, has resisted overtures from several tech giants who wanted to buy it, and is looking to raise even more money.

Snapchat believes Brown and his team violated a protective order in making these disclosures. If the restraining order is granted, Brown and his legal team will face numerous punishments, including fines and sanctions.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.