Snapchat Introduces Revolutionary New Feature Already Offered on Every Other App

Messaging app innovates by adding features it was invented to exclude

Snapchat introduced its Memories feature today, and it sounds a lot like something that’s already available on just about every application in the mobile world.

When users take Snaps, they can now save them to a Memories folder which can be accessed by swiping up on the Snapchat camera.

With the upgrade, Snapchatters can create new stories from their old Snaps in Memories and share them with friends or post them to their Story — just like they did in Photos or Facebook. Or iMovies. Or Instagram.

Except, wait for it … it’s on Snapchat!

Memories also features a handy dandy search bar so users can look up key words like “beach” or “November” to find relevant photos — also like Photos on iPhone, but not really because IT’S ON SNAPCHAT.

And in case users want to share their Memories in person by handing a friend or family member their phone, the upgrade also allows them to move Snaps and Stories to “My Eyes Only.” The feature saves the user from awkward moments in case a friend stumbles on a photo they’re not meant to see.

The “My Eyes Only” feature can only be accessed with the user’s passcode or passphrase; not even almighty Snapchat can help you recover a lost password — er, also like the PhotoAlbum+ app.