Snapchat’s Head of Originals on New Megan Thee Stallion Show and Creating During a Pandemic

”People really trust talent as much, if not more than, they trust news brands now,“ Snap’s Sean Mills tells TheWrap

Making compelling content isn’t easy in the best of times, and it’s even harder during a pandemic. But for Sean Mills, Snapchat’s head of originals, the last year didn’t just offer challenges — it also brought clarity.

“The pandemic opened up people’s eyes to how great and how quickly you can produce content with new technologies,” Mills said during a recent interview with TheWrap. “The time it takes to conceive of an original idea, produce it, and distribute it — everything just contracted as a result of [the pandemic]. And I think that’s had a real positive effect. It’s allowed us to start thinking about conversations with creators through that lens. The things you can do with an editor, motion graphics, a ring light and an iPhone are remarkable.”

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Sean Burch

Tech reporter • • @SeanB44