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‘SNL 40': Dave Chappelle, Adam Sandler, Sarah Palin Reminisce Over Favorite Moments, Chris Farley (Video)

TheWrap also spoke with Jon Lovitz, Dylan McDermott and Tom Arnold before NBC’s ”Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special“

From Dave Chappelle to Sarah Palin to Adam Sandler, the red carpet at NBC’s “Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special” was packed with a variety of big names eager to share their favorite memories and sketches from the show’s prolific run.

Sandler, a “SNL” cast member for five seasons, told TheWrap that he and his former colleagues still trade Chris Farley stories at every opportunity. “When we’re up in the office together the guy we all talk about is Farley,” Sandler said. “Every story starts with a Farley and ends with a Farley. We loved him the most.”

Former host Tom Arnold referenced Farley, too, recalling that the deceased comedian starred in his all-time favorite sketch: the Chippendales dance-off with Patrick Swayze.

Chappelle, meanwhile, discussed “SNL” from the working comedian’s perspective. “It has been a place for a lot of great entertainers to hone their skills and find a way to bridge the gap between being a nightclub act and entertaining the masses,” Chappelle said. “It has been a hot bed of many, many comedy moments.”

Even politician Sarah Palin, who was lampooned on the show multiple times during her 2008 bid for the vice-presidency, offered support for the long-running series on Sunday. She shared fond memories of watching the show without her parents’ permission when she was a kid.

“Back in the day it was risque, right? There were like cuss words or something,” Palin said. “So we would sneak in [the TV room and watch].”

TheWrap also caught up with former host Dylan McDermott and former cast members Colin Quinn, Jon Lovitz and Fred Armisen. Each had different memories to share about the legendary sketch comedy show.

Watch the “SNL” red carpet mash-up here.


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