‘SNL’: Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Is in Way Over His Head (Video)

“Saturday Night Live” kicked off with Alec Baldwin returning as a flustered Donald Trump coming to grips with life as the President

This week’s “Saturday Night Live” opened with the return of Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. Kate McKinnon, who opened the last episode as Hillary Clinton, instead appeared here as a fatigued and slightly shocked Kellyanne Conway — a part she played memorably earlier in this season of “SNL.”

After thanking Conway for the help with getting him elected — to which McKinnon’s Conway replied with an exhausted lack of interest — he began accepting high-ranking visitors who helped support him during the election season. You can watch the sketch in full above.

This was when things went wrong for Baldwin’s Trump. Culture shock set in through his series of meetings, prompting him to do military research the way any college student might: through the internet. “Google… what.. is… ISIS,” said Trump’s Baldwin.

Then he tried his phone: “Siri, how do we kill ISIS?” After realizing he was using a Blackberry, he tried to calm himself down, reassuring himself that, “Hillary’s still ahead in the polls.”

That’s when Jason Sudekis made a surprise “SNL” appearance, reprising  his parody of Mitt Romney — though the comedian was as stone-faced as the politician himself when it came to meeting the businessman. After a long, uncomfortable handshake, Sudekis asked: “This isn’t going to work, is it?”

“I don’t think so,” replied Baldwin.

Enter Beck Bennett as Mike Pence. After a brief jab at the way Mike Pence was welcomed at Thursday evening’s performance of “Hamilton,” Trump expressed his appreciation for the anti-LGBT Vice President-elect, saying, “I love you Mike, you’re the reason I’m not gonna get impeached.”

Unfortunately, Pence only had bad news in the form of more responsibilities for the overwhelmed Trump, who ultimately decided not to change anything, and tossed out the theory of putting Hillary Clinton in jail. When Pence finished, Trump asked: “Oh, and Mike, you’re gonna do everything, right?”

Pence, terrifyingly, agreed.