‘SNL’ and Amy Schumer Honor Moms by Showing How Awful Childbirth Is (Video)

Schumer plays a mom dutifully lying to her kid about the wonders of motherhood… and the excruciating pain of childbirth

Amy Schumer paid homage to mothers in a 2018 Mother’s Day sketch on “SNL” that showed just how hard they have it.

The sketch, titled “The Day You Were Born,” finds Schumer welcoming her husband (played by Mikey Day) and young son into her room, where they surprise her with breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. Like a good mom, she tells her son about the beautiful day he was born and how happy it made her.

But as she explains, flashbacks paint a very different picture, one of a delivery room in which both she and Day are fully freaking out.

Watch the sketch in the video above.

In the flashbacks, Schumer is screaming in agonizing pain in the delivery room. Meanwhile, she insists on telling the story to her son that she was calm and unafraid.

“Were you afraid, Dad?” their kid asks, to which Day responds that he definitely was not.

Back in the flashback, Day is terrified after seeing the newborn, demanding to know, “Why does it look like that?!”

“I’m not ready!” Day continues.

“You’re not a man!” Schumer roars back.

Back in the present, Schumer explains that her “nice doctor” — played by Aidy Bryant, arrived in the delivery room and told them it was time. But in the flashback, as Bryant enters the room, Schumer screams, “Where have you been, you whore?!”

“You were the most beautiful baby in the whole world,” Schumer continues, talking to her son. It wasn’t so in the flashback, though.

“Why does he look like that, why is he yellow?” Day asks back in the delivery room. “Is that normal?”
“Why’s he so ugly?” Schumer demands as the nurse hands her the baby.

Schumer tells her son that every day since he was born has been better than the last, as flashbacks continue to show what a tough time she had being a mother.

The sketch ends with a card displaying the words, “To all the moms in the world, thanks for pretending it was easy.”