‘SNL’: Beck Bennett Keeps Up His Productivity By Pooping In His Office Supplies (Video)

Beck Bennett makes use of the Undercover Office Potty, a toilet that looks like a lamp, in a commercial parody that doesn’t go very well

SNL” has a solution for when you’re too busy to leave your office even to go to the bathroom: Office supplies you can poop in.

In a commercial parody sketch, Beck Bennett plays an office worker with a big report due and no time to head all the way down the hall to use the bathroom. Luckily, there’s a product that can help him, so he never has to waste his time walking to a bathroom just to deal with his normal bodily functions.

Enter the Undercover Office Potty, a jar that looks like a lamp that office workers can poop in when they can’t spare any time to leave their desks.

The top of the base of the map is actually a lid that opens up to reveal a toilet underneath. Once you’re done with your “business,” the lid closes to make the toilet look like a lamp to anyone who passes by.

“Thanks Undercover Office Potty,” Bennett says as he replaces the lamp on his desk. “I did good!”

The trouble is, Bennett has too much work — or he hates using the office bathroom. As the sketch goes on, it’s revealed that Bennett doesn’t have just one Undercover Office Potty lamp on his desk, but several.

The flaw in the Undercover Office Party becomes apparent when Bennett’s coworkers, played by Kyle Mooney and Chris Redd, come by his office to talk to him and realize how bad everything smells. Mooney reports the whole thing to Bennett’s boss, played by Bill Hader, who comes by and busts Bennett for his poop lamps.

The folks at Undercover Office Party have Bennett covered, though, with a line of products called Undercover Office Party Disguise Supplies — giant office supplies like staplers and tape dispensers that also double as toilets. Bennett’s coworkers catch on pretty quickly from the smell though.

“Why would you do this?” Hader screams as he and the others discover Bennett’s office-pooping addiction.

“The voice over said it would save time for business!” Bennett desperately tries to explain — but it’s not enough to keep him from getting fired.