‘SNL’: Brooklynites Run From the Real World By Hiding in ‘The Bubble’ (Video)

“Saturday Night Live” this week took aim at the “bubble” that many on the political left would love to live in post-election time

This week’s “Saturday Night Live,” hosted by Kristen Wiig, saw a very pointed sketch that poked fun at the presumed “bubble” over millennial neighborhoods. The skit zeroed in on Brooklyn, and painted a picture of a new living establishment completely shuts out the rest of the world.

While it’s healthy to have a safe space away from others every once in a while, this particular skit highlighted the dangers of retreating into a bubble of like-minded people at all times. It’s something that should hit pretty close to home regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum.

Though of course the joke here is pointed more at liberals (and Bernie Bros, judging by the dollar bill adorned with Bernie Sanders’ face) living in Trump’s America. Check out the full sketch up above.

Centering around a small part of Brooklyn, the pitch promised all sorts of things that fall into the liberal millennial stereotype. Citizens could “stay connected” to the outside world through sites such as Huffington Post, Daily Kos Netflix documentaries about Sushi Rice, and the “explosive comedy of McSweeney’s”.

The results of this year’s election have hit hard for many, and this was far from the only SNL skit to focus on the feeling of dread that washes over many when thinking about the future. Another — made into an ad for Target — focused on the idea of coping with one’s existential dread in the middle of a parking lot.