‘SNL’: Cecily Strong’s Jeanine Pirro Goes Out Her Way, Drenching Colin Jost in Wine (Video)

Don’t worry, she was soaked by the end of “Weekend Update” too

Typically, “Saturday Night Live” ends its final “Weekend Update” of the season with hosts Colin Jost and Michael swapping jokes they’ve written for each other and reading them cold. And that did happen on Saturday – but it wasn’t the true ending. That honor fell to Cecily Strong, appearing once more as Judge Jeanine Pirro and absolutely dousing Jost in wine (or perhaps wine-colored water).

Poor Jost was in the splash zone once again as Strong’s clearly sloshed Pirro re-emereged as animatedly as ever, to remind him that yes, she’s still around, and still has a show on Fox News every week.

“Oh, go ahead and judge me, Colin, but I’m proud to be a small-town girl, who grew up on an airport tarmac,” she said when Jost points out how, well, animated she’s being.

Strong’s Pirro goes on to criticize President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and how they’ve handled things with the U.S. border, spilling her wine all the while. But even as she spewed harsh words and red wine, Pirro was in high spirits — so much so that she broke into song.

“Colin, even as I watch our beautiful country get overrun by a gang of MS-13’s angriest Mexican lesbians, I’m still standing strong,” Strong says. “Because I always did it my way.”

Cue the music, and Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” starts playing. Strong’s Pirro gives her whole heart (and body) to the performance, stretching out on the news desk, before eventually jumping into a literally pool of wine.

By the end, Jost is completely soaked, and Strong was too after completely submerging herself in a literal box of wine.

You can watch the full performance in the video above.


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