‘SNL’ Channels Boyz II Men to Beg Barack Obama to Come Back (Video)

Chance the Rapper, Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd’s vocal harmony group also learn a thing or two about constitutional law

On Saturday’s Thanksgiving-themed episode of “Saturday Night Live,” Chance the Rapper, Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd teamed up to beg Barack Obama to come back — Boyz II Men style.

Host Chance the Rapper, Thompson and Redd appeared in the night’s first comedy short as a ’90s-style R&B vocal harmony group. The trio sung what appeared to be an impassioned R&B romantic ballad, until the first chorus revealed the song’s title: “Come Back, Barack.”

Desperate for the 44th president to return to the White House, because of how bad (“world war bad”) everything is, it becomes increasingly clear the band has only a basic understanding of the U.S. Constitution, though they do acknowledge that Obama is legally prohibited from serving another term as president. “So come back, Barack,” the chorus goes, “even though it’s not allowed, we want you back somehow.”

“Trump don’t even got a dog, man,” Chance sings.

The boys then cram U.S. constitutional law and lament that they’re, apparently, going to have to get used to Donald Trump, and a constant fear of nuclear war. Though, they wouldn’t object to Michelle Obama running for office in 2020, even if “we wouldn’t wanna do that to her.”

The short comes 10 months after Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata performed “To Sir With Love” to bid president Obama farewell on the first “SNL” after Trump’s inauguration.

Watch the whole thing above.