‘SNL’: Christopher Walken Teaches Mikey Day’s Joe Biden the True Meaning of Halloween in Cold Open (Video)

Legendary actor gives amazing gravitas to “trick or treat, smell my feet” and we love it

Christopher Walken on SNL

It’s Halloween weekend, and appropriately the latest episode of “Saturday Night Live” brought the spirit of the holiday, literally, thanks to a fun cameo by one of the greatest actors of all time.

Christopher Walken. We’re talking about Christopher Walken. We respect the name. Watch it below:

But Walken resisted the temptation to ask for more cowbell. Instead, he showed up as “Papa Pumpkin,” the spirit of Halloween, to teach President Joe Biden (played by Mikey Day) the real meaning of the season.

Things kicked off with Day’s Biden delivering an address to the nation about Halloween. Day emphasized Biden’s age (he is, of course, in his 80s) via very creaky physical acting, as well as Biden’s whispery voice, as he climbed a ladder to hang Halloween decorations in the Oval Office.

Next up, Day’s Biden met the “SNL” version of newly elected Speaker of the House, Republican Mike Johnson (featured player Michael Longfellow). This bit mainly focused on Fake Johnson’s clear hope that Biden dies so he can become president, as well as Johnson’s bizarre personal life — specifically his “adopted” Black son who wasn’t actually adopted and who has never appeared in any of Johnson’s family photos.

But then Day’s Biden begged for someone who could explain Halloween better — at which point Walken showed up. Among other things, Walken pulled out paper to read a poem about it. And yes, it was “trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.”

Like we said, you can watch the whole thing above. Meanwhile, if NBC is listening, more of this please.

This week’s host by the way is comedian Nate Bargatze, a well respected comic who nevertheless is also relatively unknown, at least in terms of who usually gets asked to host “SNL” these days. We’ll see if similarly atypical host choices continue this season once the actors’ strike ends. (Here’s hoping it continues.)


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