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‘SNL': Colin Jost and Michael Che Take a Lie Detector Test; Hilarity Ensues (Video)

Apparently, Jost was checking out Che’s ”package.“ At least that’s what the machine said

Last Updated: August 13, 2018 @ 3:11 PM

Can “Saturday Night Love” stars Colin Jost and Michael Che be trusted to tell the truth?

Vanity Fair brought the two funny men in to take a lie detector test, with one of them hooked up to the machine while the other fired off questions. And then they switched places. Sounds like a piece o’ cake, right? Think again.

Jost was up first, and right off the bat, Che got him laughing… and, according to the machine, fibbing.

“Did you just look at my penis?” Che asked.

“No, I didn’t,” Jost answered. But, um, the machine said he did — and the machine doesn’t lie.

Is Jost funny because deep down he’s miserable? Has he ever done something backstage that may be considered illegal? Does he think he’s the handsomest guy on “SNL”?

“I don’t know,” Jost laughed. “I’m trying to remember everyone in the cast.”

“You seem a little jumpy for that one,” Che noted. “You’re trying to remember everyone in the cast? You’re looking at one.”

When it was time for them to switch places, Jost asked if he was nervous, and Che said he was.

“You ever kill a woman?” Jost asked with a straight face.

“Now I’m really nervous,” Che said. “I don’t think I have. If she died, it was only of a broken heart.”

Does Che think he can out-drink Jost? Does he think they’d make good roommates? Is there a joke that he’s ever told on “SNL” that he regretted?

“I wouldn’t have called Donald Trump a cracker,” Che said. “I just think ‘honky’ is a funnier word.”

Watch the video above.