‘SNL’ Cut for Time: Lizzo Inspires Aidy Bryant to Work Her ‘Earth-Shatteringly Gorgeous A–‘ (Video)

“You need to get to God and you need to thank Him for my beautiful fat a–,” the “SNL” star tells Eddie Murphy

Lizzo’s appearance on this week’s “Saturday Night Live” made quite an impression on its cast, especially Aidy Bryant, who learned a thing or two from the “Truth Hurts” rapper about self-confidence.

In this NSFW “SNL” sketch that was cut for time, Bryant, Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are discussing Lizzo’s undeniable confidence.

“She embraces her raw sexual power,” McKinnon notes. “Lizzo does it because she knows she’s 100% that bitch.”

“Why can’t I be 100% that bitch?” Bryant asks. And then she puts her “power” to work… on Kyle Mooney, Michael Che and even guest host, Eddie Murphy.

When Murphy recognizes her in the “SNL” wardrobe room, he compliments her, saying that he loves her in the show’s sketches. That’s when Bryant gets “Lizzofied.”

“Sketches? Bitch, I got my own show on Hulu,” she tells him, referring to her Hulu sitcom “Shrill.”

“And I know you love this fat a–. It’s iconic,” she tells him, patting her own behind. “Even legends go to church, so you need to get to God and you need to thank Him for my beautiful fat a–.”

As she brushes past him with her chin held high and heads out the door, Murphy’s eyes take note of that backside of hers. He looks to the sky and says, “Um, God, I know it’s been a while but I just want to say, thank you for that a–!

Bryant fantasizes about her and Lizzo, strutting to music in fuchsia bustiers and matching feather boas, then later she comes face-to-face with the singer, who she now calls her best friend.

“Sometimes it’s really hard to have an earth-shatteringly gorgeous a–,” Bryant says. And Lizzo could not agree more.

Check out the full video above.