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‘SNL': Cut-for-Time Sketch Adds New Level of Desperation to the Hunt for a NYE Kiss (Video)

Would you travel through space and time to get a kiss at the stroke of midnight?

There are few things that cause more anxiety than finding someone to kiss at the stroke of midnight on Dec. 31 into Jan. 1. “Saturday Night Live” is clearly aware of this stress-provoking issue and exploited it to no end in a cut-for-time sketch from this week’s show.

In the skit, Beck Bennett plays a man just trying to find his friends, and a special someone to share a smooch with, on New Year’s Eve. However, he has has to jump through more than a few hoops (and an actual portal through space and time) to get there.

Bennett spends the better part of the sketch listening to his pal Kyle Mooney’s bizarre directions to their location (which keeps changing). Our hero has to pay off a bouncer, trek through a sewer and ultimately answer riddles to prevent himself from flying solo at 12 a.m.

Watch the clip above.