15 Craziest ‘SNL’ Cut for Time Sketches – From Andy Samberg’s ‘Testicules Cologne’ to Ariana Grande as Judy Garland (Videos)

How about a little “Saturday Night Live” to kick off the night?

SNL Cut for Time Andy Samberg Melissa McCarthy Ariana Grande Dwayne Johnson

“Testicules Cologne” (May 2014) • In this glamorous commercial for Testicules, a “cologne for down there,” women, men and even a dog fawn over a man (Andy Samberg) who exudes confidence.

“Coal Miners” (October 2014) • Levar (Bill Hader), the gossipy coal miner, spread rumors amongst and about his fellow coal miners.

“Grandpa” (January 2015) • Grandpa (J.K. Simmons) makes quite an impression on his granddaughter’s fiancé when he can’t stop discussing grandma’s booty.

“Dance of the Daisies” (March 2015) • Four friends (including Dwayne Johnson) immediately regret dressing up as flowerpots and putting on a show.

“The Sparkelles” (April 2015) • Girl group The Sparkelles (Taraji P. Henson, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones) have a little trouble coming up with original songs when they perform on “The Shebang Hour.”

“Inner White Girl” (May 2015) • When Leslie Jones has a hard time dealing with white people, she consults her Inner White Girl (Reese Witherspoon).

“Donald Trump’s Hair” (November 2015) • Scalp Team 6 scientists are shrunk and dispatched to protect Donald Trump’s hair when the wind picks up.

“Christmas at Nana’s” (December 2015) •

Amy Poehler and Kyle Mooney are siblings who are forced to resolve their differences before they can spend time with Grandma.

“Supermarket Spree” (February 2016) •

A contestant (Melissa McCarthy) will stop at nothing to take out her competition on Supermarket Spree.

“Cinema Channel” (March 2016) •

Star Judy Garland (Ariana Grande) has total creative control for her 1961 sci-fi film, “Up We Go in Our Fantastic Rocket.”

“New Bachelorette” (May 2017) • Chris Pine’s multiple attempts to woo the first black “Bachelorette,” Rachel (Sasheer Zamata), goes spectacularly wrong.

“My Little Stepchildren” (February 2018) • If you have a fear of dolls, well you should probably look away now. The toy is specifically targeted at children with a “flair for the dramatic,” like Natalie Portman’s kid in the ad.

“Heinz” (November 2019) • A commercial advertises Heinz Relax ketchup in a newly designed bottle that sounds like it enjoys Will Ferrell squeezing it more than it should.

Aidy Bizzo & Lizzo (December 2019) • Undeniably confident Lizzo teaches Aidy Bryant how to work her “earth-shatteringly gorgeous a–.”

“Love Is Blind: Quarantine Edition” (March 2020) • Contestants on Netflix’s reality dating show “Love Is Blond” (including John Mulaney) choose to marry someone they have never met while under quarantine for the coronavirus. It doesn’t end well.