‘SNL’: Watch Dave Chappelle As Negan from ‘The Walking Dead’ in ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Revival (Video)

“SNL” brought back fan favorite “Chappelle’s Show” characters like Tyron Biggums and Clayton Bigsby for “The Walking Dead” parody

(WARNING: There are, oddly enough, spoilers for season 7 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” contained in this post.)

When Dave Chappelle walked out to introduce the next skit on “Saturday Night Live” in classic “Chappelle’s Show” style, the audience already knew it was in for a treat.

What they didn’t know was that the skit would be a parody of “The Walking Dead,” and that it would revive some of Chappelle’s most classic characters from a show gone far too long. You can check out the sketch above.

“All week long people have been asking me if I was going to do any characters from ‘Chappelle’s Show’ tonight,” Chappelle said. “At first I wasn’t going to, and then I saw that episode of ‘Walking Dead’ where they smashed this guy Glenn on the head and killed him. I know, it was devastating. I love that show and Glenn was like one of my favorite characters. so I was like crushed. So, in that spirit and with that in mind, I hope you enjoy this.”

Ten years after the end of “Chapelle’s Show”, the “SNL” skit served as a nod to both “The Walking Dead” and Chappelle’s best jokes. Chappelle kicked off the skit dressed as Negan, ready to bash heads in from the now-infamous episode of “The Walking Dead” that saw Glenn and Abraham’s untimely end.

But then, just as he was choosing a victim, Tyrone Biggums — best known as for the antics he pulled to fuel his never-ending crack addiction — along with several others like Lil’ Jon, Clayton Bigsby and Silky Johnson. After the line-up of characters introduced themselves and spouted some of their classic lines, Chappelle’s Negan ultimately chose Tyrone to pick off, and batted the poor guy’s head clear into the air.

But, fueled by his magical crack addiction, Tyrone was able to evade and “run” from Negan for a while, successfully figuring out a way to survive longer than good ol’ Glenn did.