‘SNL’: Tom Hanks’ David S. Pumpkins Returns — As a Rapper (Video)

Keenan Thompson’s rap track gets overtaken with guest performers, with Tom Hanks stealing the show with his Halloween star David S. Pumpkins

Tom Hanks reprised his breakout role as haunted house icon David S. Pumpkins, joining Keenan Thompson’s rap track as a guest act.

Thompson’s Big Chris, a rapper rolling out a new track, found himself with rapper after rapper joining his track as guest performers.

“Uh, uh, it’s that new track,” Thompson’s Big Chris said. “New money crew. Cash stack records. Represent. Big Chris!”

Guest emcees started jumping on immediately, including Shantasia, Yung Bitch, Prinsexxy, Sno’cone


“Yeah. They up on this track, too,” Big Chris said. “Y’all ain’t never heard this many emcees.”

With each new set of intros, a new set of emcees slipped onto the track. Before long, Big Chris was trying to cut off the number of featured acts, with their names getting more and more ridiculous — including Sloppy Moses, Marci Jamz, Dwayne Johnson’s Big Keef and his entire “Hoodlumz” squad, including Lil’ Nitwit.

“What happened there?” Big Chris asked.

“With 2 Black Guys,” someone added.

“Bad name!” Big Chris protested.

“And Hawt Clown!”


“No!” Thompson’s Big Chris shouted as he started to get crowded off the stage.

As Big Chris tried to start the track, even more acts joined the track, including Katy Perry, “Essentially Simon,” “Modern Day Witch” and more fictional acts.

And capping it all off: David S. Pumpkins.

Big Chris finally started the track, with everyone talking over each other as they tried to get their part of the track out. Thompson finally called a stop the madness.

The sketch ended with a shot of David S. Pumpkins holding two handguns.

“Any questions?” he shouted in Hanks’ trademark voice Pumpkins voice.

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