‘SNL’: Donald Trump Nominates Walter White for DEA Head (Video)

Bryan Cranston makes surprise appearance on ‘SNL’ to “Make America Cook Again”

On this week’s “Saturday Night Live” cold open, Beck Bennett’s Jake Tapper came on to interview president-elect Donald Trump’s latest and most interesting cabinet pick: new DEA boss Walter White, played by none other than Bryan Cranston.

According to the “Breaking Bad” antihero and chemistry teacher-turned-meth dealer, White was strongly vetted by Steve Bannon, who found him “in a Breitbart comment section.”

Though White has never met Trump, he says he’s a big fan of Trump’s policies, particularly his plan to build a wall that will keep the Mexicans out, “which means less competition for the rest of us.”

When asked by Tapper if he’s concerned that the Senate might not approve him for the job, White admitted that they might be concerned he faked his own death. “I’m only the third person in the Trump cabinet to do that,” he said.

But he assured the American people that he and Trump were going to “Make America Cook Again” and fill America with “red, white and a whole lot of blue.”

Of course, Trump critics might see Walter White as a satirical extension of cabinet choices that have already raised eyebrows, like a climate change denier appointed to head the Environmental Protection Agency and an opponent of minimum wage raises to lead the Department of Labor.

Kellyanne’s spin will make you dizzy. #CenaOnSNL pic.twitter.com/bjF4wzO0Wn

Cranston and Bennett were joined in the sketch by Kate McKinnon, who played Trump’s spokesperson Kellyanne Conway. You can watch Tapper and Conway in the SNL sketch “Kellyanne’s Day Off” from earlier this season here.

“SNL” was hosted this week by John Cena with Maren Morris as musical guest. “Manchester By The Sea” star Casey Affleck will host next week with Chance The Rapper performing.

Welcome to the Trump administration, Walter White. #CenaOnSNL pic.twitter.com/aPaceUQcO0