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‘SNL': Eric Trump Gets Scared by a Pop-Up Book on Weekend Update (Video)

Mikey Day’s Don Trump Jr. and Alex Moffat’s Eric Trump visited ”Weekend Update“ to deflect claims of chaos in the White House

“Weekend Update” checked in with the “SNL” version of Donald Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr., and as usual, Eric was just inches away from messing everything up.

Don Jr., played by Mikey Day, routinely brings Eric, played by Alex Moffat, on TV appearances and to meetings, even though the “SNL” version of the duo finds Eric to be pretty dumb. True to form, Moffat’s Eric kept interrupting Day’s Don Jr. during their “Weekend Update” interview with anchor Colin Jost, blurting out sensitive information.

Jost asked the brothers onto “Weekend Update” to comment on reports of “chaos in the White House.” He first asked Moffat and Day’s Trump brothers what they’d been doing since they were last interviewed on “Weekend Update.”

“What we do best — taking the Trump Organization to new heights. I took a trip to India, which is an incredibly poor country, where I’m hoping to make a lot of money,” Don Jr. responded.

“I saw ‘Paddington 2’!” Eric chimed in.

Throughout the interview, Moffat’s Eric carefully watched Day’s Don Jr., mimicking his hand motions as Don Jr. answered questions.

“What do you have to say to the claim that the White House is now in chaos?” Jost asked.

Chuckling, Don Jr. replied, “I know it’s played out, Colin, but ‘fake news!’ Our father has a nickname for you members of the elitist liberal media–”

“Goddamn Jews!” Eric interrupted.

“Eric, that was awful. Bud, no. That was a bad one, bud” Don Jr. said as Jost laughed.

Eric kept interrupting with answers Don Jr. didn’t want Jost to hear. Jost brought up the Stormy Daniels scandal that was back in the news this week, about Trump’s alleged affair with the porn actress and Trump’s lawyer paying Daniels “hush money” to keep the story quiet.

“She and my father never had a relationship,” Don Jr. told him.

“They just wrestled in bed,” Eric blurted out.

To distract Eric, Don Jr. pulled out a children’s pop-up book for Eric to read. When Eric stared at the book in confusion, Don Jr. opened it for him, causing Eric to scream in alarm as the first scene popped up.

Don Jr. explained that it was a pop-up book.

“Pop-pop?” Eric asked, trying to understand.

“Pop-up,” Don Jr. corrected. “We’ll put it on a flash card bud, it’s okay. Just read.”

Moffat’s Eric spent the rest of the interview investigating the pop-up book as Day’s Don Jr. tried to finish the interview. Don Jr. wrapped up the interview by saying he and Eric had to run.

“We’re going Good Will Hunting,” Eric told Jost.

“It’s big game hunting,” Don Jr. said.

“Is Matt Damon still going to be there?” Eric asked.

“Matt Damon was never going to be there,” Don Jr. returned.