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‘SNL': Watch Jason Momoa Host Afterlife Talk Show for Dead ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters (Videos)

Cash King Joffrey outside, how bow dah?

Did you really think the “SNL” writers wouldn’t find a way to get Jason Momoa back into his Khal Drogo costume when he hosted Saturday? Well, ye of little faith, feast your eyes on the fruits of their “Game of Thrones” parody labors in “Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo.”

The “SNL” sketch shows Momoa back in action as the deceased Dothraki leader, and is now hosting a talk show for all the HBO series’ dead characters, including Hodor (Beck Bennett), the High Sparrow (Pete Davidson), King Joffrey (Kate McKinnon), Lady Olenna (Aidy Bryant) and Oberyn Martell.

The living Brienne of Tarth (Heidi Gardner) pops into the dojo too — much to the confusion of the Khal’s blood writer (Kenan Thompson). She calls out Drogo for labeling her a “man,” which leads to this very clear Kevin Hart joke from Momoa: “You’re right. Khal needs to learn from Khal’s mistake or Khal never win Oscar, never host Oscars.”

The dojo’s drama comes to a head when foes Joffrey and Olenna begin to squabble on stage.

“Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo” is brought to you by Little Beard Twisties, the Red Wedding venue, and it even has an aftershow.

Watch the sketch above.