‘Hot Ones’ Host Sean Evans Reveals Favorite Part of Mikey Day’s ‘SNL’ Impression of Him

No, it’s not the voice or the questions

It’s pretty safe to say you’ve “made it” when a “Saturday Night Live” sketch is centered on you, so it seems “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans has made it. And yes, he does have some thoughts on Mikey Day’s impression of him.

Evans has been spoofed on NBC’s sketch comedy a few times, most recently during Maya Rudolph’s episode earlier this month. In the sketch, Mikey Day plays Evans while Rudolph plays Beyoncé, who struggles through an episode of “Hot Ones” once again.

During a Memorial Day appearance on “Today,” hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager were curious for Evans’ take on Day’s version of him, admitting that they personally think “he’s a ringer,” as far as appearance goes. And while Evans himself appreciates the look of Day, plus how he nails the vocal inflections, the “Hot Ones” host liked one thing above all else.

“My favorite thing about this is somebody at ‘Saturday Night Live’ had to source, like, a Sean Evans outfit,” he said with a laugh. “They knocked it out of the park with the brown suede jacket, I love it.”

Evans then noted that Beyoncé herself is, of course, a dream guest on his show, but added that Maya Rudolph is too. Up to this point, Rudolph has only appeared on “Hot Ones” in character, for fictional episodes featured in her Apple TV+ series “Loot.”

“Eventually we have to get her in the seat to do it for real,” Evans said.

You can watch Sean Evans’ full appearance on “Today” in the video above.


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