‘SNL’ Introduces the Grabbie Awards for All the Sexual Harassers in Hollywood (Video)

On the eve of the Oscars, “SNL” took us to a different big awards ceremony, presented by the “Academy of Sexual Harassment and Misconduct in Hollywood”

The night before the Hollywood awards season reaches its climax with the Academy Awards, “SNL” brought viewers to the red carpet for a very different but even more topical awards show, the Grabbies.

In another nod to the large number of Hollywood figures who have been outed for having a history of sexual misconduct, the Grabbies are “celebrating this year’s worst behavior in entertainment.”

The sketch involved a pair of hosts interviewing Grabbie nominees on the red carpet. Cecily Strong played one of the hosts, with the other being played by a series of men who were replaced between segments once their history of sexual misconduct comes to light. And it’s not tough to figure out: the first male co-host, played by Beck Bennett, opened the sketch by making a crack about how he was about to use the Grabbie statue he was holding — a rendition of two hands looking ready to grope — to “jokingly grab” Strong before he thought better of it. Whew.

Bennett later had to be replaced by Chris Redd, and Redd, in turn, was replaced by Luke Null. Because… men.

The highlight of the sketch came when this week’s host Charles Barkley played a man nominated for Best Non-Apology hit the carpet for an interview.

“And his hand is already on the small of my back,” Strong said right after introducing Barkley’s character, who delivered probably the deepest jab in the sketch.

“Now, when women first started speaking out you made a public statement,” Strong continued.

“That’s right, I said all women deserve to be heard,” Barkley said.

“And then when a woman accused you of misconduct what did you do?” Strong asked.

“I called her a lying troll and had my lawyer publish her home address,” Barkley replied.

You can watch the full sketch in the embedded video at the top of the post.