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‘SNL': Jason Momoa Flashes Nipple Earrings in ‘Judge Barry’ Sketch With Chance the Rapper (Video)

The ”Aquaman“ star makes a surprise cameo appearance in parody sketch

“Aquaman” star Jason Momoa flashed some dangly nipple earrings in a surprise cameo appearance on Saturday’s edition of “Saturday Night Live,” appearing as a defendant in a sketch parodying daytime TV courtroom shows.

Momoa sidled into the courtroom of guest host Chance the Rapper’s Judge Barry as Apollo Benz, the former live-in nurse of an old woman named Gladys Feldman (Kate McKinnon). He sports long hair and a leopard-print jacket and quickly admits that he “bangs old ladies and steals their money” but is not just some “dumb gigolo.”

“You know what, you stole from me first,” he tells the judge in the “First Impressions Court” case as Chance struggles to stay in character. “My heart.”

McKinnon’s Feldman admits, “You know what, you gave me the biggest and best O’s of my life but I still want my money — and my chandelier earrings!”

And that’s when the Marvel star rips open his jacket to reveal his ripped upper body — and telltale chandelier earrings dangling from his nipples.

Watch the full sketch above.