‘SNL’: Kanye’s Trump Tweets Get People Eaten by Monsters in ‘A Quiet Place’ Parody (Video)

“A Kanye Place” turns Yeezy’s recent tweets and comments about slavery and Donald Trump into a horror movie

Much of the internet was pretty surprised at Kanye West’s recent comments and tweets, which included supporting Donald Trump and saying some incendiary things about slavery. On “SNL,” there was an added layer of tension — reading Kanye’s tweets could get you killed.

“Saturday Night Live” paired Kanye’s recent tweets and comments with the hit horror movie “A Quiet Place,” creating a parody it called “The Kanye Place.” In “A Quiet Place,” deadly, indestructible monsters arrive on Earth that hunt by sound, so humans are very careful not to make a peep or they’ll be grabbed by some horrible thing and eaten alive. In “A Kanye Place,” those same rules applied, but with the extra caveat of everyone reading Kanye’s tweets and struggling to stop themselves from loudly reacting to them.

You can watch the video above.

Host Donald Glover was among a small group of survivors in the sketch, which also included Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong. As the group made its way through the corn field seen in the movie, Glover couldn’t help but share Kanye’s tweets with the group, starting with his support of Donald Trump.

Glover showed the group a picture Kanye posted on Twitter of his red “Make America Great Again” hat, signed by Trump. Upon seeing it, Thompson said loudly, “Oh come on, Kanye!” and was immediately yanked into the corn by one of the creatures, disappearing.

Strong was next to go, after Glover showed her a photo of Kanye having dinner with Chrissy Teigen, which the group guessed was Kanye doing damage control for the Trump comments ahead of his new album.

“Guess who was also there?” Glover whispered. “Jesse. Tyler. Ferguson.”

“From ‘Modern frickin’ Family?!’ ” Strong demanded, before she, too, was yanked into the darkness by a monster.

Soon, only Glover and Bennett were left, as Bennett pleaded with Glover to focus on survival. That is, until Glover shared Kanye’s final horror: The rapper’s comments on “TMZ” last week that slavery “sounds like a choice.” Bennett’s loud reaction finally got him carried off, too.

The sketch ended with Glover in the basement of the farmhouse from “A Quiet Place,” listening to Kanye’s fictional new single… before monsters found him.