‘SNL’: Kate McKinnon and Mikey Day Are the Creepiest Mother and Son Ever (Video)

McKinnon and Day are unbeatable on a game show because of their awkwardly intense relationship

“SNL” celebrated Mother’s Day 2018 with a few sketches about moms, the most unsettling of which was a parody game show called “Mother Knows Best.”

You can watch the video above.

The game show quizzed moms and their teen children about their relationships, with host Amy Schumer asking each pair a question. The moms had written down their answers ahead of time, and if their kid’s answer matched, they’d win points.

The pairs included Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong, Leslie Jones and Chris Redd, and Kate McKinnon and Mikey Day, the latter being an extremely creepy mother and son team, John Christopher and Abyssala.

“My mom is my best friend,” Day said during their introduction.

“My son is my life,” McKinnon added. “He is of me.”

Schumer went right into the questions.

“John Christopher, what’s something that you do that annoys your mom?”

Day’s John Christopher answered that he would sometimes leave their bed early, and that his mother wouldn’t know where he was.

“Did you say ‘our bed?’ ” Schumer asked.

McKinnon held up a card that had her answer: Leaving our bed early and making mommy worry. When the pair won the points, Abyssala started singing, holding Day closely and kissing him on the lips.

Next, Schumer polled the contestants on their mothers’ biggest fears. Day responded that his mom was afraid he would meet another woman and marry her.

“Yes, I put that a woman whose menarche has come will ensnare him, leaving me to perish in my loneliness and filth. Alone. Alone. Alooone!” McKinnon added. “Also Lyme disease.”

After winning the points, McKinnon started singing again.

Schumer interrupted, “My producers are asking that you limit your songs to no songs.”

She then put the question to Redd and Jones’ Mason and Michelle, but the pair didn’t even bother answering.

“Oh, we forfeit,” Jones said, bringing the sketch to a close. “We can’t beat these two. They’re kissing on the lips, look!”