Watch Kristen Wiig Bring Mindy Elise Grayson Back to ‘SNL’ to Be Bad At a Game Show (Video)

This was one of Kristen Wiig’s classic “SNL” characters she brought back this weekend

“Remember Mindy, do not say the secret word.”

On this week’s “Saturday Night Live”, host and former cast member Kristen Wiig revived her over-dramatic starlet, Mindy Elise Grayson, for another rousing game of “Secret Word” — which the character was notoriously bad at. Now hosted by Kenan Thompson (formerly by Bill Hader) the show’s comeback brought Wiig’s Mindy back and kept to the best of her jokes, with old Hollywood flair capping it all off. You can watch the full sketch above.

The skit traditionally parodies the wide variety of game shows that became all the rage in the 60’s and 70’s (a notice at the beginning tells us this originally aired in 1964), with Wiig’s Mindy being one of the many characters that comes in and breaks every rule.

Contestants work with special guests like Mindy to guess a “secret word” on a card, but Mindy, blatantly ignoring the rules of the game, always says the word out right. The character made some progress on Saturday evening, though, getting creative with hints like: “It’s what you give the director for casting you in the show,” and then correcting herself after misreading the cue card, saying, “Oh, its floral! I did oral.”

But Mindy found her ounce of humility before the skit’s end. “I know I blew it … just like I blew all of my lines in Siamese Sally and the Pad Thai Clan.”

The skit closed off with a hilarious ad for “Winston Baby Cigarettes,” which, if you haven’t guessed yet, are meant to be cigarettes for babies.